Welcome to Hill's Gymnastics!  Summer is here!  Camp started June 11th and classes start on June 18th.  All classes and camp programs are still available for registration.  Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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Gymnastics Classes

Participants in Hills Gymnastics Advanced Class program have the option to compete in the USA (USAG)Xcel Program. The Xcel Program is a competitive program nationwide under guidelines of USAG that allows gymnasts to compete in a fun, recreational setting. This program involves less commitment and less practice time in the gym. Our Advanced class students have the skills needed to compete in this program.

There are additional fees for students that participate in the USAG Xcel Program. If you wish to compete in USAG Xcel Program, you may choose the two day or three day option in the Advanced Class. If you chose to become a part of the competitive USAG Xcel season, in order to compete, you must re-enroll in the Advanced Class throughout the season. Competitions are held December through May.