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Hills Gymnastics
Gymnastics Classes

Welcome to Hill's Gymnastics Training Center! Kelli Hill has been a gym owner for over 30 years. Kelli was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2005. Hill's Gymnastics is the home of Dominique Dawes ('92,'96 and '00 Olympic Teams), Elise Ray ('00 Olympic Team),

Courtney Kupets ('04 Olympic Team) and Corrie Lothrop ('08 Olympic Team alternate). Our goal is to help each student develop their physical abilities, learn gymnastics skills, gain confidence and have FUN.

At Hill's Gymnastics participants learn more than just gymnastics skills. Gymnastics helps children to build strong bodies, improve coordination, increase flexibility, develop agility and encourage physical fitness.

Gymnastics can also build confidence, self control and discipline, perceptual motor skills and even improve mental processes.

The physical activities in our classes promote skills that are useful to every sport and everyday life. Yet, children come because it is FUN!

Teaching Techniques

Our goal is to help each child develop skills appropriate to their abilities and confidence level. We love the sport of gymnastics and we are sure your children will love it too.

Hill's Gymnastics teaches children of all ages, levels, and abilities. We teach with a variety of techniques including using visual examples, verbal instructions and helping them move through the skill. We believe that children progress at different rates. We help with a positive approach and seek to build your child's self-esteem.

Our staff follows safety and instructional guidelines established by USA Gymnastics and other national organizations on physical education. A well educated staff is important to your child's safety and progress.

Hill's Gymnastics follows a professional approach to its curriculum. Under this plan, a broad and solid foundation of basic skills, strength and flexibility is developed in the students. New skills are introduced as a child shows they are physically ready and confident enough to try more difficult skills. Skills build on one another and the children can progress within their class at their own pace.

Hill's Gymnastics Goal: To help each child discover the fun of developing their gymnastics skills and to feel successful with their accomplishments.

Facility & Equipment:

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